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Beautiful Dama Gazelle Taxidermy Mount For Sale
Beautiful Dama Gazelle Taxidermy Mount For Sale
Item ID#:  00264
Species:  Other
Region:  Africa
Mount Type:  Shoulder
This is a beautiful full shoulder mount of Dama Gazelle from Chad, North Africa. This is a high Desert dwelling Gazelle known as the Lady Gazelle. This mount was legally harvested here in Exotic Game Ranches here in Texas. The taxidermy quality is very exceptional and the mount is clean and in mint condition. This is a Book Trophy with horns that measure 14 2/8" x 14" inches long. The bases are 6 4/8" x 6 5/8" inches around. The mount has a relaxed natural pose with a very lifelike appearance. These mounts are hard to come by. The buyer will be pleased with this one. Legal paperwork will accompany the mount. This mount will make an awesome decoration. Ship anywhere in lower 48 states.